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The Immigration and Social Integration Code (Law 4251/2014, Government Gazette 1, no 80) contains provisions that facilitate the stay of third-country investors, whose investments are characterized as strategic investments, via the provision of extended stay time limits for the representatives of investment bodies and their partners.

Moreover, it allows the granting of residence permits to third country nationals and to members of their families, who purchase real estate property in Greece, the value of which exceeds € 250,000.

The above third-country national may be accompanied by the members of his family to whom, at their request, an individual residence permit is issued, that expires together with the residence permit of the sponsor.

Family members shall mean:
  • Spouses
  • The other spouse or partner with whom a third-country national has a cohabitation agreement in Greece
  • The direct unmarried descendants of the spouses, who are under the age of 21
  • The direct unmarried descendants of the supporter or of the other spouse/partner , provided that their custody has been legally entrusted to the sponsor (for his/her children) and to the other partner (for his/her children), under 21 years of age
  • the direct relatives of the spouses in the ascending line
The above permit may be renewed for an equal duration, each time, provided that the real estate property remains in the ownership and possession of the third-country national or the agreements of paragraph 1 of this remain in force and all other requirements, provided by law, are fulfilled. Periods of absence from the country shall not disrupt the renewal of the residence permit.

"The resale of the real estate property during the period of validity of the residence permit, to another third-country national shall provide the right to the granting of residence permit to the new buyer with simultaneous withdrawal of the vendor's residence permit."


Every third country national who obtains a Golden Visa, as well as all the members of his/her immediate family (spouse, children under 21 years of age, parents of both spouses) are entitled to the following benefits:
  • The right to enter Greece and the EU for five (5) years
  • The right to reside in Greece for five (5) years
  • The right to renew Golden Visa every five (5) years (when conditions are met)
  • The right to travel freely and stay for over 180 days per year in European countries that are also members of the Schengen Agreement, within or outside the European Union. A Golden Visa currently permits travel to Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland
  • The right to access the Greek public education system
Το third country nationals, real estate property owners, the possibility of leasing that property is granted.


For a residence permit for real estate owners in Greece, the following conditions must be fulfilled to receive a permanent residence permit of investor, which shall be renewed every five (5) years:
  • The real estate property must be owned by and be in possession of its owners.
  • In cases of joint ownership, where the value of the property is €250.000, the residence permit is only granted if the owners are spouses or partners with a cohabitation agreement in Greece, with undivided ownership of the property. In all other cases of joint ownership, the residence permit is only granted if the amount invested by each of the joint owners is at least €250.000.
  • If the owner has acquired the property through a legal entity, the applicant must own 100% of the company shares.
  • The residence permit is also granted in cases where the third country citizen is the owner, either directly or through a legal entity, of more than one real estate property with a combined value of at least €250.000.
  • In cases where the applicant wants to enter the country with a type D visa, the documented intention to own property should be supported by documentation which prove the financial capacity (e.g., certificate of an A-class certified bank, or other recognised financial institution), which certify the existence of bank accounts or other mobile assets, such as bonds or shares, which can cover the cost of the investment of at least €250.000, and which certify the intention of the applicant to purchase the property (contract with a law firm or with a real estate office).
  • In the case of third country citizens who have signed a lease of at least 10 years for hotel accommodations or furnished tourist residences in integrated tourist resorts, provided the minimum value of the lease is €250.000, the contract must require a single payment of the lease for the equivalent of the ten year leasing of the property.
In all cases outlined above, the value of the real estate property will be determined based on the value of the property, or the lease, indicated in the contract of purchase. The value of the property, according to law 4251/2014, is the amount stated explicitly on the contract which has been submitted for the purchase of the real estate property. The objective, or assessed, value of the property is not relevant, unless it corresponds to the amount which was, according to the contract, paid for the sale of the property.

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